Located at the south eastern tip of Florida, Miami Dade County is the home of 34 incorporated cities and many unincorporated areas. The central business district, Downtown Miami is one of the highlights of this county. You can find innumerable high rises on the coastline, especially in the northern central and the eastern portion of the county. These are the heavily populated areas in the county.
The Southern Miami Dade County is a sparsely populated area that includes the agricultural Redland and Homestead areas. The western part of the county, populated by a solitary Miccosukee tribal village extends up to Everglades National Park. On the Eastern side, you have Biscayne Bay.

Spread over a vast area of 2,431 square miles, land comprises of 1,898 square miles whereas the remaining 533 square miles is comprised of water. Most of the population of 2,712,945 is concentrated on the north central and eastern portion of the county.
The Tequesta people were the initial inhabitants of this area. Originally known as Dade County, it was incorporated on 18 January 1836. Named after a martyred soldier, Francis Dade, this area comprised of land now known as Palm Beach, and Broward counties along with Florida Keys. The county got the name change from Dade County to Miami Dade County on November 13, 1997.

This is a hurricane prone area with Hurricane Andrew being the most devastating one to strike in 1992. The third largest county in Florida, the population is dominated by the Hispanic or Latino race with Cubans forming the majority followed by the Haitians. Spanish is the main language of the people in this area followed by English. The per capita income of the county is around $ 18,497. There are more females than males in this county with 91 males for every 100 females.
Having a large number of schools, universities, and Government offices in addition to the other commercial establishments, this is a highly developed county. There is still massive scope for real estate development in the area.



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